I’ll definitely go back to Sasha’s Best Braids

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Posted: February 13, 2014

The first time I got my hair braids done was 2012, within a month of getting my hair done; my extensions were coming undone in so many places. The second time, I was referred to someone by a friend. My hair looked like crap and lasted only 2 weeks. So after that, I was over finding hair braiding in Atlanta and looked to the city to get my hair done. I found an ad on google search for hair braiding salon, so I called Sasha’s Best Braids located in Decatur GA to inquire prices, she remanded me for her coupons on the web site http://www.sashabestbraids.com . The site looks very professional and well done. I am impressed I got there at 10:05 am on Saturday and Sasha was there waiting for me. I told her what I was looking for style wise and she got to work. Her braiding was tight and all the braids were small size. No bulk under my weave! After a quick break for free coffee, she came back and finished up. Within 4 hours, I had my hair done. Now I’m super picky and hated my hair when I left the shop, but as usual, after a few days getting it to lay right, I love my hair. My braids are still tight and everything looks great. And the best part? Whenever I got a sew in before, pulling my hair back into a ponytail was always tricky. I could only pull it back in a low ponytail so that my tracks don’t show much. But Sasha does wonderful work and I can pull my ponytail back up a little high without worrying if it definitely looks fake. I’ll definitely go back to Sasha’s Best Braids to get my hair redone in the future.

Thanks again Sasha